Bloomberg: iOS 18 to Become the Largest Update in iPhone History

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Developers at Apple are working on the creation of the iOS 18 operating system, which is expected to be the most extensive update in the entire history of iPhone updates. This information comes from the reputable Bloomberg correspondent, Mark Gurman.

Among the innovations, there will be support for RCS messages, allowing users to send messages for free from Android devices to iPhone owners and vice versa.

In addition, the new version of iOS will incorporate numerous features related to artificial intelligence. It is expected that AI will be integrated into most standard iPhone applications.

For instance, the neural network will assist in music selection in the Apple Music service, writing and editing texts in Pages, as well as creating images for presentations in Keynote. It is anticipated that the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence will also be extended to the voice assistant Siri.

Not long before this, Apple released the iOS 17.3 operating system. Some of the key innovations included the ability to create collaborative playlists in Apple Music and an enhanced system to protect users from theft.

Previously, the security largely depended on the screen lock password; now, the user’s biometric data, such as fingerprints or Face ID, is required for protection. These will be necessary for performing various important operations, including viewing saved passwords and managing Apple ID settings.

Bloomberg: iOS 18 to Become the Largest Update in iPhone History

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