Cagiva Aletta Oro S1 125

Cagiva Aletta Oro S1 125

Engine: The Aletta Oro S1 125 is powered by a two-stroke, single-cylinder engine, providing a distinctive and agile performance. The engine design is geared towards efficiency and a thrilling riding experience.

Capacity: With a capacity of 125 cc, this motorcycle strikes a balance between power and ease of handling. The displacement is well-suited for urban commuting and light touring.

Bore x Stroke: The engine features a bore and stroke of 56.0 x 50.0 mm, contributing to the overall power delivery and torque characteristics. This configuration is designed for a responsive performance across various riding conditions.

Cooling System: To maintain optimal operating temperatures, the Aletta Oro S1 125 is equipped with an air-cooling system. This design ensures simplicity and reliability, essential for everyday riding.

Compression Ratio: The engine boasts a high compression ratio of 14.8:1, enhancing combustion efficiency. This contributes to improved fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Induction: Fuel and air mixture are regulated by a 27mm Dell’Orto carburetor, ensuring precise fuel delivery for optimal combustion. The induction system plays a crucial role in achieving the right air-fuel mixture for combustion.

Ignition: The ignition system is designed for reliability, employing battery and coil technology for effective spark generation. The use of advanced ignition systems contributes to consistent engine performance.

Starting: The Aletta Oro S1 125 features a kick-start mechanism for initiating the engine, harking back to classic motorcycle designs. The kick-start adds a touch of nostalgia and simplicity to the riding experience.

Max Power: With a maximum power output of 10 hp (7.3 kW) at 7000 rpm, the Aletta Oro S1 125 offers ample power for city commuting and light touring. The power delivery is tuned for a balance between efficiency and excitement.

Transmission: The motorcycle is equipped with a 5-speed transmission, providing riders with flexibility in various riding scenarios. The gear ratios are optimized for a combination of performance and fuel efficiency.

Final Drive: Power is transmitted to the rear wheel via a chain final drive. This system is known for its efficiency and low maintenance requirements.

Suspension: The Aletta Oro S1 125 features an oil damper Ceriant telescopic fork in the front suspension, offering a good balance between comfort and responsiveness. The rear suspension consists of a pivoted fork and Betor dampers with 3-way adjustment, allowing riders to customize the setup based on preferences and riding conditions.

Brakes: The motorcycle is equipped with a single disc in the front and a drum brake in the rear, providing adequate stopping power. The braking system is designed for effective and predictable braking performance.

Tyres: The Aletta Oro S1 125 rides on a 3.00-19 front tyre and a 3.50-18 rear tyre, striking a balance between stability and maneuverability.

Weight: With a dry weight of 116 kg (255.7 lbs), the Aletta Oro S1 125 is lightweight, contributing to agility and ease of handling. The manageable weight is beneficial for urban riding and navigating through traffic.

Fuel Capacity: The motorcycle features a fuel tank with a capacity of 10.5 litres (2.7 US gallons), providing a good range for both commuting and short trips.

Fuel Consumption: The Aletta Oro S1 125 boasts an average fuel consumption of 65 mpg, emphasizing fuel efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Performance Metrics:

  • Standing 1/4 Mile: The motorcycle achieves a standing 1/4 mile time of 20.0 seconds, showcasing its capabilities in acceleration.
  • Top Speed: The Aletta Oro S1 125 attains a top speed of 70 mph, offering a satisfying level of performance for its class.


  • Length: Information not available
  • Width: Information not available
  • Wheelbase: Information not available
  • Ground Clearance: Information not available
  • Seat Height: Information not available

In summary, the Cagiva Aletta Oro S1 125 is a classic two-stroke motorcycle designed for riders seeking a blend of style, efficiency, and a touch of nostalgia. Its lightweight construction, coupled with a responsive engine and customizable suspension, makes it an ideal choice for urban commuting and spirited rides. The combination of classic kick-start initiation and modern features like electronic ignition highlights its timeless appeal. Whether navigating city streets or enjoying country roads, the Aletta Oro S1 125 offers a distinctive and enjoyable riding experience.

ModelAletta Oro S1 125
EngineSingle cylinder, two-stroke
Capacity125 cc / 7.6 cu-in
Bore x Stroke56 x 50.6 mm
Compression Ratio10.9:1
InductionSingle 28 Dell’Orto PHBH BD
Max Power23.6 hp / 18 kW @ 9100 rpm
Max Torque15.9 Nm / 1.8 kgf-m @ 8000 rpm
ClutchMulti-disc oil bath
Transmission6 Speed
Final DriveChain
FrameTubular duplex cradle
Front SuspensionTelescopic Marzocchi 35mm non-adjustable forks
Rear SuspensionAlloy single Marzocchi shock soft damp
Front Brakes2x 220mm discs
Rear BrakesSingle 220mm disc
Front Tyre90/90 -16
Rear Tyre100/90 -18
DimensionsLength 2055 mm / 80.9 in, Width 695 mm / 27.3 in
Wheelbase1380 mm / 54.3 in
Seat Height795 mm / 31.2 in
Dry Weight124 kg / 271 lbs
Fuel Capacity18 Litres / 4.7 US gal
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