Cagiva Elefant 350

Cagiva Elefant 350

Step back in time to the roaring ’80s, an era when adventure motorcycles were emerging as symbols of freedom and exploration. Among the trailblazers of that time, the Cagiva Elefant 350 stood tall, capturing the spirit of dual-sport riding. In this journey through nostalgia, let’s explore the rugged charm and timeless appeal of the Cagiva Elefant 350 from 1985.

Body: Engineered for Exploration: At the heart of the Elefant 350 beats a robust four-stroke, single-cylinder engine, offering the perfect balance of power and efficiency. With a displacement of around 350cc, this spirited machine was designed for versatility, ready to tackle both city streets and untamed trails.

Built to Conquer Any Terrain: Mounted on a sturdy tubular steel cradle frame, the Elefant 350 was engineered to handle the diverse challenges of on-road and off-road adventures. Its front telescopic forks and mono-shock rear suspension provided a smooth ride, ensuring comfort even when venturing into the rugged unknown.

Braking Power and Transmission Mastery: Equipped with a reliable braking system, featuring a single disc brake at the front and a drum brake at the rear, the Elefant 350 delivered the stopping power needed for any journey. The manual transmission, likely a 5 or 6-speed gearbox, empowered riders to seamlessly navigate through the gears, adapting to various terrains with ease.

Dual-Purpose Design: True to its dual-sport nature, the Elefant 350 sported dual-purpose tires, perfectly suited for both on-road cruising and light off-road escapades. Its utilitarian design included a tall windscreen, a comfortable dual-purpose seat, and ample ground clearance – a timeless aesthetic that continues to captivate enthusiasts today.

A Glimpse into the Past: The Elefant 350 from 1985 is not merely a motorcycle; it’s a journey through time, a testament to an era when adventure beckoned around every bend. Its classic design elements, coupled with the thrill of exploration, make it a sought-after gem for collectors and riders who appreciate the heritage of two-wheeled adventures.

Conclusion: As we celebrate the legacy of the Cagiva Elefant 350 from 1985, we honor its role in shaping the landscape of adventure motorcycling. This iconic machine, with its timeless design and rugged capabilities, continues to inspire riders to embark on new journeys, capturing the essence of freedom and exploration that defines the spirit of motorcycling.

ModelElefant 350
EngineFour-stroke, 90° “L” twin cylinder, SOHC, desmodromic 2 valve per cylinder
Capacity349 cc / 21.2 cu-in
Bore x Stroke66 x 51 mm
Cooling SystemAir cooled
Compression Ratio10.3:1
Induction2x Dell’Orto carburetors
StartingElectric & kick
Max Power34.5 hp / 25.4 kW @ 8000 rpm (rear tire 30.6 hp @ 8800 rpm)
Max Torque30 Nm / 22.1 lb-ft @ 8000 rpm
Transmission5 Speed
Final DriveChain
Front SuspensionTelescopic forks
Rear SuspensionAlloy swing arm single shock
Front BrakesSingle disc
Rear BrakesSingle disc
Front Tyre3.00-21
Rear Tyre4.60-17
Wheelbase1520 mm / 59.8 in
Seat Height905 mm / 35.6 in
Dry Weight190 kg / 418.8 lbs
Fuel Capacity18 Litres / 4.7 US gal
Consumption Average18 km/lit
Braking 60 – 0 / 100 – 015.4 m / 44.9 m
Standing ¼ Mile15.5 sec / 126.3 km/h
Top Speed145.1 km/h
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