Cagiva SST 350

Cagiva SST 350

Cagiva SST 350: Nostalgia on Two Wheels

In the realm of classic motorcycles, the Cagiva SST 350 stands as a testament to an era when bikes were not just a mode of transportation but a symbol of freedom and style. Produced from 1979 to 1983, the SST 350 captured the hearts of riders with its distinctive design and spirited performance.

Engine and Power: At the heart of the Cagiva SST 350 beats a lively air-cooled, two-stroke, single-cylinder engine. With a displacement of 350 cc, the bike delivers a punchy 25 horsepower, providing a thrilling riding experience. The power delivery, coupled with the unmistakable two-stroke soundtrack, creates a symphony of nostalgia for enthusiasts.

Design and Aesthetics: Cagiva paid meticulous attention to the design of the SST 350, giving it a timeless and charismatic appearance. The sleek lines, paired with the classic Cagiva logo, make it a head-turner on the streets. The well-crafted details, such as the oil damper Ceriani telescopic fork and the elegant single disc front brake, showcase the bike’s commitment to both form and function.

Riding Dynamics: Riding the Cagiva SST 350 is a dynamic experience that connects the rider to the essence of motorcycling. The responsive handling, thanks to the oil damper Ceriani telescopic fork and Betor dampers with 3-way adjustment in the rear suspension, allows for agile maneuvers through urban streets and winding country roads.

Kickstart Adventure: The kickstart feature adds a touch of authenticity to the riding experience, reminding riders of the era when starting a motorcycle was a hands-on affair. It’s a small ritual that adds to the charm of owning and riding a classic machine like the SST 350.

Practicality and Fuel Efficiency: While the Cagiva SST 350 is a classic, it doesn’t shy away from practical considerations. With a fuel capacity of 10.5 liters, it strikes a balance between spirited rides and practical commuting. The drum rear brake complements the overall design, offering reliable stopping power.

Conclusion: Owning a Cagiva SST 350 is not just about having a motorcycle; it’s about possessing a piece of motorcycling history. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a rider with a penchant for vintage bikes, the SST 350 beckons with the promise of a bygone era’s excitement and charm. It’s not just a motorcycle; it’s a journey back in time every time you twist the throttle.

ModelSST 350
EngineTwo-stroke, single cylinder
Capacity341 cc / 21.3 cu-in
Bore x Stroke80 x 68 mm
Cooling SystemAir cooled
Compression Ratio9.6:1
Induction34mm Dell’Orto
IgnitionBattery & coil later Electronic CDI
StartingElectric & kick
Max Power27 hp / 20 kW @ 7000 rpm
ClutchWet multi-plate
Transmission5 Speed
Final DriveChain
Front SuspensionOil damper Ceriani telescopic fork
Rear SuspensionPivoted fork and Betor dampers 3-way adj.
Front BrakesSingle disc
Rear BrakesDrum
Front Tyre3.25 -19
Rear Tyre4.00 -18
Seat Height828 mm / 32.6 in
Dry Weight114 kg / 252 lbs
Fuel Capacity10.5 Litres / 2.7 US gal
Consumption average55 mpg
Standing ¼ Mile15.7 sec
Top Speed90.3 mph
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