Dodge is an American automotive brand known for producing a wide range of vehicles, including powerful muscle cars, rugged trucks, and versatile SUVs. Here’s an overview of some notable Dodge models:

  1. Dodge Charger:
    • Type: Sedan
    • Year: Varies
    • The Dodge Charger is a full-size sedan that combines performance with practicality. It’s known for its powerful engine options and bold, aggressive styling.
  2. Dodge Challenger:
    • Type: Coupe
    • Year: Varies
    • The Dodge Challenger is an iconic muscle car that pays homage to classic American performance cars. With a retro-inspired design and potent engine choices, it’s a favorite among enthusiasts.
  3. Dodge Durango:
    • Type: SUV
    • Year: Varies
    • The Dodge Durango is a midsize SUV that offers a blend of power and versatility. It’s suitable for families who need space and performance.
  4. Dodge Journey:
    • Type: SUV
    • Year: Varies
    • The Dodge Journey is a compact crossover SUV designed for families. It provides a comfortable ride and practical features for everyday use.
  5. Dodge Ram (now known as Ram Trucks):
    • Type: Pickup Truck
    • Year: Varies
    • Dodge’s line of trucks, now under the Ram brand, includes various models like the Ram 1500, Ram 2500, and Ram 3500. These trucks are known for their towing capabilities and rugged performance.
  6. Dodge Grand Caravan:
    • Type: Minivan
    • Year: Varies
    • The Dodge Grand Caravan is a minivan designed for families, offering spacious interiors and convenient features for long trips.

Remember that Dodge has a rich history, and their lineup has evolved over the years. The information provided here is a general overview, and specific models may vary by region and production year.

Dodge ChargerSedanVaries
Dodge ChallengerCoupeVaries
Dodge DurangoSUVVaries
Dodge JourneySUVVaries
Ram 1500 (Ram Truck)Pickup TruckVaries
Ram 2500 (Ram Truck)Pickup TruckVaries
Ram 3500 (Ram Truck)Pickup TruckVaries
Dodge Grand CaravanMinivanVaries
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