Intel UHD Graphics Xe 32EUs (Tiger Lake-H)

The Intel UHD Graphics Xe, integrated into the high-end Tiger Lake-H CPUs, features the Tiger-Lake-H GT1 GPU with 32 Execution Units (EUs). Introduced in May 2021, this graphics card adopts the new Xe architecture (Gen12).

Compared to its predecessor, the UHD Graphics Xe demonstrates a substantial improvement in graphics performance, thanks to the enhanced shader count and the utilization of the Xe architecture. However, it’s important to note that the UHD 750 is primarily designed for less demanding games or usage scenarios with very low graphics settings. Despite the advancements, its capabilities may be limited, as evidenced by reaching 46 frames per second in The Witcher 3 at low settings (1024×768) for the 48 EU version in Tiger Lake SoCs. Additionally, when tested in Mafia Definitive Edition, the performance may not yield fluent framerates.

Graphics Processor
Tiger Lake-H (32EUs)
ArchitectureTiger Lake-H
Process Size10 nm
Transistor Count
4,700 Billion
Density23.5M / mm²
Die Size200 mm²
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