iPhone 16

(unreleased – unofficial)

There’s been persistent speculation about another potential addition to Apple’s lineup – the iPhone Flip. Many enthusiasts believe that Apple is in the works on a flip phone-style device featuring a foldable screen, but the lingering question is when this innovation will come to fruition.

Initially, some industry observers had circled 2024 as the likely release year for Apple’s first foldable phone. However, a well-known Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has adjusted expectations, suggesting that the earliest we might see a foldable iPhone would be in 2025. Kuo envisions the device taking the form of either a foldable iPad or a hybrid that combines elements of both the iPad and iPhone.

Just like the rumored iPhone 16 Ultra, if there’s a lack of substantial rumors gaining momentum in the new year, the iPhone Flip might be a device that enthusiasts have to move to the background. Given that there are expectations for four new iPhones and a major iOS update in the pipeline for 2024, it’s understandable if Apple decides to postpone any surprise device launches for the time being.

ModeliPhone 16
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