NVIDIA GeForce MX450

The Nvidia GeForce MX450 (N18S-G5, N18S-G5-B, N18S-LP codename) is a dedicated entry-level mobile graphics card designed for laptops. It utilizes the TU117 chip, the same as the GeForce GTX 1650, but with a reduced memory bus of 64 bits. Notably, the MX450 stands out as the first mobile GPU to feature PCIe Gen 4 x4 support.

There are currently four distinct versions available, each with varying specifications and performance characteristics:

Notably, the LP (Low Power) variant is notably slower compared to the typical 25 Watt variants. The 25 Watt GDDR6 N18S-G5 is expected to deliver up to 20% better performance than a GeForce GTX 1050, although it falls below the capabilities of a GTX 1650 (Max-Q). As a result, demanding games like Horizon Zero Dawn are best played at lower settings, while less demanding titles like F1 2020 can be enjoyed at medium to high settings in full HD.

Manufactured on a 12nm process at TSMC, the TU117 chip’s relatively low power consumption (TGP specified between 12 and 28.5 W) makes it suitable for thin and light laptops. Primarily, it is intended as an additional graphics card option for laptops based on Tiger Lake-U architecture.

Graphics Processor
Turing (TU117)
Process Size12 nm
Transistor Count
4,700 Billion
Density23.5M / mm²
Die Size200 mm²
Memory Size2 GB
Memory TypeGDDR6
Memory Bus64 bit
Bandwidth80.02 GB/s
Graphics Config
Shading Units896
Base Clock/Boost Clock1035 MHz/1290 MHz
Memory Clock1250 MHz = 10 Gbps effective
SM Count14
RT Cores/Tensor CoresNA/NA
L1 Cache/L2 Cache64 KB (per SM)/512 KB
DirectX/OpenGL12 (12_1)/4.6
Theoretical Performance
FP32 (float)1.828 TFLOPS
Pixel Rate20.6 GPixel/s
Texture Rate72.2 GTexel/s
Card Notes
GeForce MX450 12W (N18S-LP) 720 – 930 MHz
GeForce MX450 25W (N18S-G5)1395 – 1575 MHz
GeForce MX450 28.5W (N18S-G5-B)1395 – 1575 MHz
3DMark Time Spy Graphics1900
3DM11 Performance GPU8250
3DMark Time Spy Graphics + 3DM11 Performance GPU / 1000 = Score

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