VAZ-2101, commonly known as “Zhiguli,” is a classic Soviet-era compact car that holds historical significance as the first mass-produced model by the Volga Automobile Plant (VAZ). Introduced in 1970, the VAZ-2101 played a crucial role in providing affordable personal transportation to the public in the Soviet Union.

Key Features of VAZ-2101:

  1. Introduction Year: 1970
  2. Body Type: Sedan
  3. Design: The VAZ-2101 featured a traditional three-box sedan design with a compact and utilitarian appearance. It had rounded contours and a sturdy build, reflecting the design aesthetics of its time.
  4. Engine: The car was equipped with a four-cylinder, water-cooled engine located at the front. The engine displacement and power output were modest, contributing to its economical performance.
  5. Transmission: It came with a manual transmission, providing drivers with control over gear shifts.
  6. Interior: The interior of the VAZ-2101 was basic but functional, designed to accommodate passengers comfortably within its compact dimensions.
  7. Production Significance: As the first model in the VAZ-2100 series, the VAZ-2101 marked the beginning of a successful line of vehicles that played a vital role in Soviet and later Russian automotive history.
  8. Legacy: The VAZ-2101, often referred to as the “Kopeyka” or “Lada,” became a symbol of affordable and reliable transportation for millions of people. Its production continued for several decades, undergoing updates and improvements.

The VAZ-2101 holds a special place in automotive history as a pioneering vehicle that contributed to the motorization of the Soviet population. Its simple yet robust design, coupled with ease of maintenance, made it a popular choice for many drivers during its production years.

Other namesŽiguli (Жигули) 1200, Lada 1200/1300
Production PeriodApril 19, 1970 – 1988
Production LocationTogliatti
SuccessorLada 2105
Body Types4-door sedan
EnginesInline-4 1.2 58-60 HP, Inline-4 1.3 64 HP
Transmission4-speed manual
DriveRear-wheel drive
Length4073 mm
Width1611 mm
Height1440 mm
Wheelbase2420 mm
Curb Weight945 kg
Seating Capacity5
Trunk Capacity380 liters
Payload400 kg
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