The VAZ-2102, also known as the “Lada 1200 Combi,” was a compact car produced by AvtoVAZ, the Russian automotive manufacturer, in the Soviet Union. Here’s an overview of the VAZ-2102:


  • Production Years: 1971–1986
  • Body Style: 5-door estate (Combi)
  • Manufacturer: AvtoVAZ
  • Production Location: Togliatti, Soviet Union

Technical Specifications:

  • Segment: C (compact car)
  • Body Types: 5-door sedan
  • Engines:
    • Inline-4, 1.2L with 58-60 HP
    • Inline-4, 1.3L with 64 HP
  • Transmission: 4-speed manual
  • Drive: Rear-wheel drive (RWD)
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 4073 mm
    • Width: 1611 mm
    • Height: 1440 mm
    • Wheelbase: 2420 mm
  • Weight: 945 kg
  • Seating Capacity: 5
  • Cargo Capacity: 380 liters
  • Payload Capacity: 400 kg

Production and Succession:

  • The VAZ-2102 was produced from April 1971 to 1986.
  • It was a successor to the VAZ-2101 and was followed by other models like the Lada 2104.

Other Names:

  • The car was known by other names, including “Zhiguli 1200” and “Lada 1200/1300.”

Place of Production:

  • The car was manufactured in Togliatti, a city in the Soviet Union.

The VAZ-2102 was part of the Zhiguli series, which played a significant role in providing affordable and practical transportation for the masses in the Soviet era.

Other NamesWAZ-2102 Zhiguli (ВАЗ-2102 «Жигули»), Lada 1200, Lada 1200
Production Period1971–1985
Production LocationUSSR, Togliatti
Body Type5-door estate
EnginesPetrol: Inline-4, 1.2L, 64 HP
Inline-4, 1.3L, 69 HP
Inline-4, 1.5L, 75 HP
Transmission4-speed manual
DriveRear-wheel drive
Dimensions– Length: 4059 mm
– Width: 1611 mm
– Height: 1458 mm
– Wheelbase: 2424 mm
Weight1010 kg
Seating Capacity5
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