The VAZ-2121, widely known as LADA Niva, is an iconic 3-door SUV produced by AvtoVAZ (LADA) and Izhmash. Introduced in 1977, the model has earned a reputation for its robust off-road capabilities, longevity, and simple yet effective design.

Alternate Names: The vehicle is recognized by various names, including LADA Niva and VAZ-2121 «Жигули». In 2021, a modernized version known as LADA Niva Legend is still in production.

Production Period and Locations: Production of the LADA Niva started in 1977 in Togliatti, Russia, and it has continued for several decades. In recent years, the model has been updated and is still being produced under the name LADA Niva Legend.

Design and Body Type: The LADA Niva features a compact and utilitarian design with a 3-door SUV body type. Its dimensions, including a length of 3720 mm, width of 1680 mm, and height of 1640 mm, contribute to its agility and off-road maneuverability.

Engine and Transmission: The model has been offered with various engine options, including both petrol and diesel variants. Early models typically had a 4 or 5-speed manual transmission, while later versions introduced automatic transmission for added convenience.

Drive and Off-Road Capabilities: The LADA Niva is renowned for its AWD (All-Wheel Drive) system, making it well-suited for off-road adventures. Its robust construction and capable drivetrain have made it a popular choice among off-road enthusiasts and those living in challenging terrains.

Curb Weight and Seating Capacity: The curb weight of the LADA Niva can vary based on the model and specifications, with a starting point of around 1040 kg. The interior typically accommodates four occupants, though configurations may vary in newer models.

Legacy: With a production span of over four decades, the LADA Niva has left an enduring legacy. Its reputation for reliability, off-road prowess, and adaptability to various conditions has solidified its place in automotive history. The ongoing production of the LADA Niva Legend reflects its timeless appeal and enduring popularity.

Alternate NamesLADA Niva, VAZ-2121 «Жигули»
ManufacturerAvtoVAZ (LADA), Izhmash
Production Period1977 – present (as LADA Niva Legend)
Production LocationsTogliatti, Russia
SuccessorLADA Niva 5D
Body Type3-door SUV
Engine TypesVarious, including petrol and diesel
Transmission4 or 5-speed manual, automatic (later models)
DriveAWD (All-Wheel Drive)
Length3720 mm
Width1680 mm
Height1640 mm
Wheelbase2200 mm
Curb WeightFrom 1040 kg (varies by model)
Seating Capacity4 (later models may vary)
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